R. E. Campbell Company, Ltd. has fabricated many types of platforms that include hanging, wall mounted, and column-supported platforms. We can also provide the railing and grating required on most platforms.  We can provide stairs with steel treads or stair pans that connect to both concrete and steel landings. We can also provide the wall-mounted or stringer-mounted handrail required at each stair.

R. E. Campbell Company, Ltd. not only focuses on miscellaneous steel fabrication but also on structural steel fabrication. Some of the structural steel fabrication we have provided includes large cable tray supports, stair towers, and exhaust stack structures. Give us a call to discuss your structural steel needs.   We fabricate standard fixed ladders and caged ladders. Most of our ladders are painted or hot dip galvanized, however, we do fabricate stainless steel and aluminum ladders. We can also provide the necessary safety hardware that is commonly required.